Shannon Cochrane (b. 1972) is a Toronto-based performance artist. Her work has been presented in festivals, theatres and at various events across Canada and in over 20 countries internationally.

Her practice often involves working both explicitly and implicitly with the relationship between the artist and the viewer. Her work engages reflexively with the audience. She uses humor strategically and applies physical material to present situations and images to deconstruct and look critically at the formal presentation of art action, authorship, and repetition. She is also interested in creating work that―through its own design―defies a linear reading, by asking the audience to perceive the work in alternate ways to the actual performance they are experiencing. Presented as a proposition to the audience (and not as a requirement for seeing), the strategies in her work acknowledge performance as an ephemeral and conceptual practice.

Shannon Cochrane is the artistic director of FADO Performance Art Centre (established in 1993): a Toronto-based artist-run centre which presents the work of contemporary performance artists from across Canada and around the world. As a platform, FADO exists nomadically. In its work, FADO utilizes various venues and sites, and partners with other artist-run centres, galleries and festivals that offer interesting contexts for individual projects. Shannon is also a co-founding member, curator and producer of the biennale 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, presented by the Performance Art Collective (established 1997).





​1997年にトロントにて設立されたパフォーマンス・アート国際芸術祭【7a * 11d】の共同主催者兼共同キュレーター、創立メンバー。2007年より「FADOパフォーマンスアートセンター」芸術及びに統括ディレクター。

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