Wang Yanxin was born in Lanzhou Gansu, China in 1988 and graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. Since 2012, he has been using action art to make multimedia works. Wang is active in the field of international performance art exchanges and has exhibited work in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Australia, Japan, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Macao.

The body has to revolt, it starts to shake, and he is forced to rethink that which he can and can’t control about his body. To place the body in a public space, let it develop a relationship with nature and reality, to remap relationships formed by the body in space. To have the body interact with the public, re-apprehend the subtle changes between people, and to write the body’s language and creative train of thought. Also constantly enriching the way he places his body in space; the visually poetic body; the social spectacle body, the hidden body.

Starts with the body, ceaselessly examining its relationship both to itself as well as others. As he continues along this path, he develops more of a realist and humanities concern, bearing a unique understanding of definitions of site and linguistic exploration.

“If I want to, I just do it, and keep doing it, stubbornly sticking my one’s guns. Only in this way can I strike upon my own path.”





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