Court is a durational performance artist. Time is one of the most important elements in his work. Often he performs for 8 hours, the length of a work day. Other times he performs throughout an entire event or during the opening hours of the specific venue (museum, institution), in which the event takes place.Lately he has been interested in letting the objects and materials that he uses in his performances determine the duration of his work. He does not consider his performances as solo pieces, since the element of collaboration is inherent in his engagement with curators, organizers, artists, viewers, objects, spaces and time.

Court’s works are responsive to the site and often the continuous, repetitive action creates a rhythm that runs parallel to that of the site. In all his works he is fundamentally concerned with drawing or writing, as drawing connects line, movement, space and time.

He has exhibited extensively in Scandinavia, and has been invited to perform at major events such as UP-ON Live Art festival, Chengdu, China; SIGNAL Festival, Brussels, Belgium, 2017; Beijing Live, China, 2016; Viva! Art Action festival, Montreal, Canada, 2015; 7a*11d in Toronto, Canada; DigitaLive in Guangzhou, China, 2014; SpaceX Gallery, Exeter, UK, 2012; Guangzhou Live Art Festival, China, 2010; ANTI Contemporary Art Festival, Finland, 2010; the Venice Biennale, 2005; and the Liverpool Biennial, 2004.





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